Friday, September 10, 2004


Assalamualaikum Wbh,

Di keterbatasan masa yang ada ini, al-Ghozi masih sempat juga upload new template untuk al-Ghozi | minds (sorry for ANTENNA SHARON | minds still don't hav new make over). Nah, dah berwajah baru mate!... So how about it? What ur opinion? Tapi author and content'nyer still masih dari orang yang sama. Font dan themes nyer ajer yang still need some upgrading... Ntah masih belum berjumpa yang berkenan di hati. Buat masa sekarang, I'll using default font; Times New Roman. Quite bored right? Just for a time being.

Ada sesiapa yang ada style dalam format .css yang agak menarik untuk dishare bersama, can freely forward to me.

Kat sini agak havoc dengan embassy blast kat Jakarta semalam. Nasib ler takda Aussie yang terkorban... kalau tak, mau nyer Howard declare war ngan Indonesia. There's have an intention for it, since before. Im just refer to what Downer have said, in Jakarta last night.

See ya mate. I'll post about THIS another day for sure... Sekarang everybody so hurried with something and my schedule are so tight. What another rushed spring to face. In some case its quite uncertainty here... but still not Aussie Under Attack yet. Alhamdulillah.

To ALL, happy 911 day tomorrow. Nothing to write about... I'm feel bored to discuss about it. What I can say, propaganda will played again... Just waiting, who will next(to be call another "terrorist" and finally will destroyed). Just the same script with another storyline.


AG: 9/11 Fahreinheit, degree Celsius...

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